• Ideal for renovation of living space
  • Energy-, environmental- and health-conscious interior renovation
  • Reliable protection against cold, humidity and mould
+++ insulation effect without loss of living space +++ less heat-up time of the rooms +++

Improve living environment - Save energy

High heat losses are the major shortcoming of outdated building structures, which do not have efficient thermal insulation. The energy loss can be up to 85 % in some objects. This affects not only the environment but causes considerable unnecessary costs. Uneasy interior conditions such as air draughts and mould growth by condensation, in particular at thermal bridges, are the critical health consequences.

By retrofitting Depron® insulation tiles an increase in the surface temperature can be achieved. The ready-to-wallpaper interior inssulation system ptotects against cold and moisture and prevents new mould formation. With Depron® insulation tiles not only the heat losses can be reduced by up to 43 %*, also the heating time of the living space is considerably reduced. And: at the same time the old surfaces are prepared for processing with wallpaper or paint.

(* in relation to a non-insulated, 24 cm thick brickwork)

+++ insulation effect without loss of living space +++ less heat-up time of the rooms +++

The advantages

Interior insulation with Depron® ensures the hygienic minimum heat insulation in accordance with DIN 4108. The minimum thermal insulation prevents surface condensation and thus finally mould formation. This protects not only the building fabric, but also the health of the residents. Another advantage of interior insulation is the reduction of heat loss, from which results a rapid heating of the living room.

  • Mould prevention
  • Unpleasant radiant cold is prevented
  • Can be used in historic buildings
  • Insulation work can be performed in any season
  • Good price/performance ratio