Depron® – from the attic to the basement

  1. Roof
    The insulation of the roof slopes ensures a more comfortable living environment and reduces heat loss.
  2. Room ceiling and floor slab
    Insulation of floor slabs decouples heat or cold bridges and causes an additional reduction of heat loss. The low thickness of  Depron® insulation tiles minimizes ceiling height loss.
  3. Heat bridges
    Easy processing even in difficult places, such as window reveals, radiator niches, roller shutter boxes or corners.
  4. External walls
    Insulating external walls from the inside always is a topic where a classical exterior insulation is not possible. This measure significantly improves the heat transfer coefficient.
  5. Dividing walls
    Heat losses incurred due to dividing walls between differently heated rooms can be reduced by Depron®.
  6. Floor
    Cold bridges are eliminated. A nice side effect is the impact sound insulation achieved with  Depron®. The high pressure resistance of the material makes a good base for use on the floor.

Best insulation values - quick amortisation

Depron® interior insulation reduces energy consumption. Due to excellent material properties low heating costs can be achieved. The lightweight polystyrene rigid foam panels score with an excellent pressure resistance and outstanding thermal insulation values combined with low material thickness compared to other building materials (with the same insulation performance). The thermal conductivity group WLG 035 speaks for itself.

Optimal processing

The different material thicknesses ensure efficient processing, especially in tricky spots like window reveals, plug sockets, light switches, radiator niches or roller shutter boxes.

Perfect handling with:

+++ insulation effect = saving of costs +++ very cood price/performance ratio +++

For many surfaces

The renovation work can be finished with various surfaces such as wallpaper and wall coverings of different types, glass and structure fabric, stoneware wall tiles and synthetic resin, dispersion and roller plasters.